Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Parenting on the Internet

Society has failed to keep up with the advances in technology. Any new technology, when introduced, has both a positive and a negative impact on society. The state of the Internet today is both productive and poisonous when it comes to growing up in an online world.

Most parents look for a technological panacea for shielding their kids from the perils of the Internet. I hate to say this, but technology alone can't help us here.

Parents seriously need to re-evaluate ways of bringing up their children in the presence of the Internet. The Internet definitely helps when it comes to learning. I, for one, haven't seen a better geography teacher than Google Earth! But not everything is roses on the Internet. Here are a set of articles which I feel are a must for all parents concerned about their kids on the Internet.

Keeping Kids Safe Online - going beyond filter software to keep kids safe online.

Recommended Ages for Computer and Online time - some basic guidelines on appropriate interaction online for various ages.

Is your child ready to go online? An excellent article from www.protectkids.com

And from the same website, two more must-reads:

Instant messaging and Chat tips

Important tips for Parents only

Hope this helps!

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