Monday, September 15, 2008

AdBlock for Firefox

One of my most loved Firefox extensions is AdBlock. It helps keep the web free of ad-clutter and delivers content without being overcrowded by advertising.

Here are two before-and-after examples:

Example 1:

[click to enlarge]

One can hardly see any content without scrolling down and hunting for it.'s news page contains a banner ad, a sidebar ad and a flash banner in the middle.

And here's how looks with AdBlock.

[click to enlarge]

Much better, don't you think?

Example 2:

[click to enlarge] has really annoying pop-ups which you have to click off first, and then get to the content, which is heavily garnished with banner ads.

[click to enlarge]

AdBlock cleans up's article page, making it actually readable, and Firefox blocks the annoying pop-up. Convinced?

Installing AdBlock

AdBlock is available at

I recommend you also install its companion AdBlock Filterset.G Updater, which automatically updates its ad blocking list. The updater is available at

Here's a nice guide on how (and why) to install Firefox extensions.

Still don't have Firefox? Get it at once from

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